Tents in the Mountains

I asked my husband to make a painting of tents, like our wall tents, up in a mountain setting.  This is his result:

Tent City 003

I love the color in this picture and the trees!


Ron’s Story

My husband is an amateur artist – with natural talent!  When he was in an 8th grade required general art class, his teacher noticed his natural ability and had him sit by himself and allowed him to watercolor anything he wanted.  The rest of the class were required to complete the normal rotation of art studies:  charcoal, drawing, perspective, etc.

His teacher submitted some of his work in a national competition and it was displayed in Washington DC.  Ron was determined to do well in school and take college prepatory classes, so his art interests fell by the wayside.

While in graduate school, he tried to pick up his art, but it was too demanding – not relaxing – so it was put away again.

For years he commuted 60 miles one way to work, so there was never enough time to even think of picking up watercolor painting during that time.

After he retired in 2006, he decided to try some art classes for seniors that were offered by a local community college.  One teacher was particularly helpful to him.  He did some week long art workshops with Mel Stabin and Tony Couch.  He also bought some water color books, authored by Stabin and Couch, and others and studied them in great detail.  One thing about Ron is that once he has an interest in anything, he is persistent!

This blog is just meant to feature his work.